5 Simple Ways To Update Your Home For Spring

1. Add Some New Life With Plants

Adding some greens into your home makes a massive difference in your surroundings’ quality, and it’s a proven way to elevate your mood. Try some freshly cut flowers to add to the decor or simple green plants such as a cactus, or some herbs such as basil or mint!

2. Update Your Fabrics

Replace your winter curtains with colorful and breezy ones, switch the fabric on your sofa to a bright color, add some new light pillows. Replace your bedding with materials such as satin or silk; your bedroom will get an instant spring feel to it.

3. Intensify Your Colors

Add some colorful accessories to your home, such as bright lampshades or go a step further and add some bright wall decor that pops out from the neutral walls. Even just a touch of color in the kitchen or bathroom goes a long way.

4. Do A Thorough Clean

The sun brings out all the little flaws in your house, but it is the best time to do that detailed cleaning you’ve been putting off for months. Get to work and pick one room a day to scrub inside and out. Add some lavender scent for a relaxed spring atmosphere.

5. Accessorize Your Surfaces

Add some colorful candles to your coffee tables, add some colorful vases, paint your bookshelf or add new decorations. Upgrade your countertops and put up a new backsplash; the difference is massive, while the cost is minor!